PR & the Future- Meet the Firms Event

Going to  the SMC Marketing’s Meet the Firm event was a great experience for not only me, but everyone interested in a career in PR or marketing.  By meeting with potential employers and learning about what they are looking for when hiring new employees, students get the chance to figure out what type of qualities and experiences companies value in their future workers.  Like professor Prior has stressed in class, college is a time to gain experience and knowledge that will help with our future goals.  What this workshop event has taught me is that companies love students with experience, but more importantly students that are knowledgable about what it takes to be a successful and creative member of a work team.

One particular table that was most interesting to me was Addis Creson, the brand designer.  When asked about potential job openings, I learned that they were not currently hiring, but the representative stressed that work is constantly being created and so are jobs.  The best advice she gave me was to keep in touch with the changes that their company does and be prepared to apply if a job does open up.  Madeline Manogue, the representative from Addis Creson, explained that the most prominent positions for interns are in their design groups and client management field.  She had a few examples of the possibilities that past interns had achieved while working at Addis Creson.  One particular example was a design booklet that an intern initially thought-up, and his designs were so creative and intriguing, it turned into a mass-produced campaign.  This is just one way that interns support and add to a company.  Madeline explained that a campaign promotion like the one this interns created looks fantastic on a resume, and is a terrific example of what future employees look at when hiring.  I then asked Madeline what her role was in the Addis Creson company, and she told me that her title was Associate Client Services Manager.  She further explained that her main job was to be to go between the company and their clients.  Her job entailed starting with an abstract idea for a product and from there creating a sellable idea.  She said that her job is challenging, but some key qualities that she possessed that allowed her to do her job effectively was having a good disposition, being direct and clear in her explanations, and being creative.  These are all qualities that we have discussed as important attributes to have when working in PR.

Another interesting company was The Bay Area News Group, a subsidiary of California Newspaper Partnership and the largest media publisher in California.  Jennifer Solari, its representative, explained that their company loves taking on interns, and hires new interns each new quarter (in terms of school schedule).  The internships are paid and include a comprehensive training course that all new employees need to take.  This is so new members can be well-versed in company lingo and procedures.  She stressed that interns need to be supportive, and willing to collaborate in a team environment.  The internships allow for experience in the journalistic and online media fields and a potential future job.  She explained that interns who go above and beyond the call of duty are often hired on as full employees.

I think the best part about the SMC Marketing’s Meet the Firms event is that it gives students a glimpse into the career world that is fastly approaching.  This event is a fantastic way for students to learn and understand what employers are looking for in future workers and the expectations that are important and necessary for a successful career.  This event was a great experience and certainly a must-go-to event for future career men and women interested in marketing and PR.


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