Top 10 Reasons to be a SMC Gael!

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With the overwhelming and difficult challenges involved in choosing a college path, here is a list of 10 reasons telling you why Saint Mary’s College of California would be a great choice for any college-bound student! Oh, and keep in mind, GOD IS A GAEL!

1. Saint Mary’s College Chapel– At the heart of Saint Mary’s College is the college chapel.  Known as the focal point of the campus, the chapel, dedicated in 1928 to “Mary, of whom was born Jesus,” is both beautiful and inclusive to all no matter their religious background.  Filled in breathtaking stain glass and intricate architecture, the SMC chapel offers services throughout the week for any students interested in staying connected to their faith and religious roots.  SMC chapel is also competitively popular among employees, alumni and students interested in wedding services at SMC.

2. Accessible Student Facilities: Saint Mary’s offers great resources outside of academics that students can use to improve their way of life! Checking out the newly constructed Madigan Cardio Center is a fantastic way for students to keep in shape while still being connected to the SMC community. Other facilities include Brother Kyran Dance Studio, Intramural fields, Justin commons basketball court, Justin sand volleyball courts, Timothy Korth Tennis Complex, and Madigan Pool.  There is never a shortage of facilities for SMC students to use during the school year!

3. Multitude of Student Planned Events– Looking for something fun to do when you’re not in class? Saint Mary’s college prides itself on creating and maintaining a dynamic and engaging atmosphere where students can partake in a wide range of events molded to fit any and every kind of student.  Events include movie nights, specialized events like comedy club and magic nights, theme dances, and coffee relaxation events.  There is never a shortage of things to do at SMC! Just check out the bulletin boards around campus to see what coming up soon!

4. Gael Force– Love sports, but not sure if you’re ready to play a college sport? Join Gael Force!  This SMC service club is one of the most popular on campus.  Created in 2001, the official student spirit club offers support and cheers to SMC sports teams throughout the year.  Our student cheering crowd has over 700 members and has made Saint Mary’s one of the most difficult place to play at on the West Coast.  This club strengthens school spirit and is a great way to feel included in the SMC community!

5. Make Lasting Friendships- Saint Mary’s close-knit community gives students from all over the world the chance to meet and create meaningful relationships that will last long after college is over.  SMC students work, study and share experience that can only be done at Saint Mary’s.  These experiences are ones that will stay in your memory long after you graduate from SMC and the people you meet can become lifelong friends!

6. The SMC Sign- Located high on the hills that surround Saint Mary’s campus, the SMC sign is a representation of the school spirit and student pride.  The painting of the sign has become a tradition among Saint Mary’s students, especially for the freshmen class, who work together during Weekend of Welcome (WOW) to kick off their college career.  The SMC is a symbol of support and togetherness that the SMC community cherishes so much.  It’s an enriching part to Student Life at SMC!

7. Join a Long Legacy of Sport Excellence– SMC sponsors 14 Division 1 varsity sports competing in the NCAA.  Sports range from basketball, softball, baseball and tennis to lacrosse, volleyball, soccer and rowing. SMC prides itself on its excellence in competitive sports! Not interested in playing highly competitive sports? SMC offers countless options including club sports, intramural leagues offered in the fall and spring, drop-in activities on campus, special events like the Freshmen Olympics, and outdoor adventures trips like river rafting and rock climbing trips.  SMC “student athletes exhibit and promote integrity, personal responsibility, sportsmanship and leadership at the highest level.”

8.  School Spirit-Getting involved at SMC is a terrific way to make friends and build experience that will help students in future endeavors.  At SMC, there is a wide and diverse range of clubs and organizations that students can join depending on their personal interests.  Diversity Clubs include Gay Straight Alliance, Black Student Union and International Club. Academic Clubs include American Marketing Association and Kinesiology Club, while Student Media groups include GaelVision, The Collegian Newspaper and KSMC Radio.  Those are just a few of the many groups, organizations and clubs eager and excited to meet new members who are interested in improving and enriching Saint Mary’s campus life!

9. Friendly and Accommodating Faculty and Staff- Saint Mary’s College has faculty and staff prepared and willing the help SMC students and visitors in any way possible.  With SMC’s intimate class sizes, faculty members are devoted to all their students both during class and with their fitting office hours.  SMC also has a number of departments including the Registrar, Financial Aid, Career Center, Counseling Center and Health & Wellness Center ready to facilitate any student’s needs and concerns.  There is always a place to get your questions answered at Saint Mary’s College!

10. The Lasallian Tradition– Following the ideals and example of Saint John Baptist De La Salle and the Christian Brothers, Saint Mary’s College is part of the worldwide Lasallian family devote to service and education. SMC is committed to the five Lasallian Core Principles and use the skills and knowledge we gain in our own education to give back to those in need.  Saint Mary has countless organizations devoted to the Lasallian message including Mission and Ministry, Catholic Liturgical Arts Committee and Social Justice Coordinating Committee. As in the words of Saint John Baptist De La Salle, “Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve.”


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