About Me

Hi All!

My name is Bonnie  and I am a college student at Saint Mary’s.  I have devoted my college career to studying Communications and I hope to graduate with a Communication degree next spring.  I love what studying Communication offers; better conversational skills, understanding how and why people act, speak and think the way they do, and how the advancements in communication technologies have and will continue to influence the way we as people live and interact today and in the future.

I enjoy spending time with friends and family, volunteering my time working with kids, watching movies, lisening to music and dancing! 🙂 I work for San Bruno Community Services Department as a recreation leader during summertime. It’s tons of fun!

My hope in writing this blog is to give anyone who visits it a glimpse into the life of a Communication student and the types of topics I think about and discuss in my communication classes, especially in my Public Relations course.  I hope that this blog can be informative and enlightening, while still being fun.  I hope that as I learn new and interesting things, I can pass them on to others through my blog. I hope everyone enjoys it!


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