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Press Release ( due 03/3/11)-collaboration with Grace Bosque

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Top 10 Places to Visit in San Bruno

SAN BRUNO, CA. (March 1,2011)- San Bruno’s beautiful, natural surroundings, affordable eateries, and city-sponsored events and activities makes San Bruno a fantastic place to enjoy family fun!

For fun and inexpensive places and activities to visit and partake in San Bruno, try checking out some of these options for a pleasurable day out:

1.     The Shops at Tanforan-Come enjoy a variety of shopping, dining and entertainment, including Barnes and Noble, BJ’s Brewery, and the Century Theaters.  This is a great place to get some shopping done, while spending a fun afternoon with your friends and family.

2)      San Bruno City Park-Offers an array of activities. Come swim at the local pool. Sign your kids up for Summer Camps. Rent a Picnic spot for a special occasion. Take in a Baseball game at one of three fields. There is never a shortage of activites and fun waiting for you at San Bruno City Park. For information on pool hours, picnic rentals, and camp sign-ups, visit

3)      San Bruno Mountain State Park-Take in the view of scenic San Bruno, while on a  hike through this local landmark. Sightseeing spots affords visitors the opportunity to drive to the summit of the Mountain and enjoy breathtaking views north to Mt. Tamalpais, south to Mt. Diablo, east to the Oakland foothills, and west to the Farallon Islands. This majestic sight allows visitors to see the breathtaking natural surroundings of San Bruno.

4)      San Bruno Library– Bring your kids to the children’s section and enjoy story time! This is a great way for families to come together and partake in a fun afternoon filled with learning! For dates and times for story time events and other library sponsored occasions, visit

5)      The Famous Rib Shack on El Camino-Looking for a good, quality Barbeque? Come check out the best ribs in town! Located north on El Camino Real, this BBQ resturant has choices ranging from pork ribs, to Italian sausage, to delicious barbeque chicken.  This resturant is ready to satisfy all barbeque cravings no matter the age! For more information, call (650) 952-2809.

6)      Seniore’s Pizza-Speedy, delicious and affordable. Seniore’s will make your mouth water. “Quality pizza is our goal, fast delivery is our mission.” Just up from the Shops at Tanforan, Seniore’s is a great spot to satisfy your hunger needs with choices from pizza to burgers, even specialized sandwiches. For directions, prices and coupons, visit their website or call (650) 952-4100.

7)      Crystal Springs Golf Course– Book a tee time and take to the links on this beautiful course. With affordable rates and wonderful scenic surroundings, Crystal Springs is a great place for all golfers to come and have an enjoyable, relaxing afternoon.  18-hole rounds of golf are perfect for veterens, while lessons allow beginners to get into the swing of things too! After a nice round of golf, have breakfast or lunch at their 19th Hole Pub & Grill opened daily.  For more information on Crystal Springs, visit their website  or call (650) 342-4188

8)      Trails at Crystal Springs Reservoir-Bike or stroll down this scenic trail with views of the San Andres Reservoir. The San Bruno trails include the Sawyer Camp and San Andres. The trails runs from San Bruno all the way to Millbrae. Have a good workout, while enjoying the sights.  The trail is accessible for all people and is used for a several activities including walking, jogging, mountain biking and horseback riding.

9)      Skyline College– Take an affordable class for business or pleasure. There are opportunities for students of all ages. For information about Skyline College and its facilities, visit their website.

10)   Golden Gate National Cemetery– Historic Veterans Memorial located on Sneath Lane. This beautiful U.S. National Cemetery is the burial place to more than 100,00 U.S. service veterans that spands 161.5 acres. This is a great visiting site for history buffs interested in seeing and honoring those who have served our country over the decades.

In dire need of PR!

Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. Softball Team (February 24, 2011)

Being a school that prides itself not only on academic success, but athletic as well, Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep has a long legacy of sport excellence.  One half of the oldest Catholic sports rivalry in all the country (the other being St. Ignatius Prep.) and its rivalry being once noted as “the oldest high-school rivalry West of the Rockies,” Sacred Heart values its three main sport programs: football, basketball, and baseball.  However, while these teams deserve the praise, they also shadow other hardworking teams, especially the girls’ softball team

The SHCP Girls Softball team competes in the West Catholic Athletic League, a very competitive league, where they work hard to represent the Fightin’ Irish name! However, the team never receives any publicity from the school because during the spring, baseball is the main sports focus and most of the talk around school revolves around another big event the Spring Musical.  So, the reason why the softball team is in need of PR is because no really knows about the softball team, or for that matter really cares.  Because of this lack of interest, the softball team does not receive the same benefits as other sport teams.  Their uniform and equipment budgets are scarce, almost non-existent.  They play on a field that is not well kept, and as for reputation, the softball team is usually thought less of because of their lack of generating a fan base.  Even though they work just as hard as any other sports team, they are kind of a joke to other teams, like the football or basketball teams.

One way that the softball team could generate more of a following would be to get the alumni involved in their cause.  SHCP is a school which prides itself on alumni involvement.  Therefore, I propose that one way to get people interested in the softball program would be to hold and alumni game.  This could be a co-event with the baseball team, where alumni can come back to SHCP and play alongside the baseball and softball teams. By doing a co-event with the baseball team, more students/alumni will be more inclined to participate because the base ball team (one of the 3 most popular sports at Sacred Heart) will generate initial supporters due to its popularity.  There could be a fundraiser aspect to this event, where the alumni and players can get sponsors who will make a donation for the softball and baseball uniform and equipment budget. The goal of this event would be to let alumni see that the softball team is a great program with enough popularity among Sacred Heart students that it deserves better recognition and support.  By bring in baseball fans, there is a better chance for those people to also support the sister sport to baseball, the softball team. If enough buzz is raised about the softball team, this will hopefully make more people want to come to the games and boost the softball program. More fans mean a better budget and a more enriching experience for the players!


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